The science of how THC reduces PAIN

Learn about: The burden of chronic pain on our population, research that proves cannabis helps reduce pain in humans, and what dosages of THC research has shown to be effective. Learn  how THC reduces pain by reducing the release of certain neurotransmitters and much more!

Dr.D gets his teach on!

For three years, Dr. D has run Eaze M.D., California's premier cannabis doctors service. Now he's passing his knowledge along to you. At no charge.

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Don Davidson, M.D.

Don Davidson, M.D.

Cannabis Physician Educator

Don Davidson, M.D. helped launch and now manages the first and largest online telemedicine service that pairs licensed physicians with California patients seeking access to medical marijuana.

- Graduate of James Madison University and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine,

- Worked as a surgical resident before moving to the University of Arizona to perform research in Emergency Medicine, with an emphasis on septic shock, pneumonia and traumatic brain injuries.

- Former Division 1 All-American in tennis.

A longtime advocate of healthy lifestyles, he believes medical cannabis can be used effectively to treat disease, manage pain, and improve wellness—without the risk of addiction to opiates or other prescription drugs.

What You Learn

How widespread chronic pain is!

Common ways to treat pain

How cannabis works to stop pain

Studies showing cannabis reduces pain in humans!

Why use cannabis for pain?

What are the side effects of cannabis?


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